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State of the Art machinery and Decades of experience combine to handle any task.

Laser Technology of Australian Laser Tech

Laser Cutting

At Australian Laser Tech. we have been laser cutting various materials since 1999.  We offer a fast, reliable service to our customers and can cut a wide range of materials to cater for your requirements. Laser cutting provides a high degree of accuracy and repeatability


Laser Engraving

Laser marking, etching and engraving is using a laser beam to alter the surface of a material. Using the most advanced laser markers in the world, including fibre CO2 and Yag laser machines. We are able to produce virtually any type of image on our high quality materials (such as stainless steel, aluminium, timber & glass).

Plastic Fabrication

Taking plastic fabrication to the next level.  Wether its Perspex or Polycarbonate we have the experience and  expertise for the job.  We cut your part with one of our CNC routers.  Then fold your design if needed, with either hot wire for fine folds or a heat bar for a larger radius.

Labels & Stickers

Using our digital printers and die cutting machinery we provide durable labels, stickers and decal that are made to last.  Suitable for outdoor and indoor applications. Our labels are used for many applications such as data labels, promotional labels, thermal labels, safety labels and for many other industrial solutions.

Safety Signs

Combining our digital printing and vinyl cutting along with our CNC manufacturing process we pride ourselves on delivering quality durable signs made to last in extreme Australian conditions.  If needed our graphic team can assist in creating a design to suite your application.

Name Plates

At Australian Laser Tech we have specialised in manufacturing industrial name plates, since 1999. Name plates are commonly made from stainless steel, anodised aluminium or traffolyte material. Our laser etched name plates are made to last.

Traffolyte Labels

Traffolyte, sometimes spelled Traffolite, was a brand name for multi-layered phenolic plastic sheets suitable for engraving. Each layer is a different colour so engraved letters or shapes will be a different colour from the unengraved portions. Thus it is used for name tags, labels and signs.


Australian Laser Tech.

829 Knight Road

Albury  NSW  2640


Phone: 0413 386 795

Email: ozlaser@bigpond.net.au